Are you looking to be an exchange student?

Other essential eligibility criteria

For those of you who do live in our district, here are a few more criteria that you will just need to check to make sure that you are eligible to apply for the programme.

Age: You must be aged 16 to 18 years in the January of the year you would depart for your exchange.

Residency: You must be a New Zealand citizen – either born in New Zealand or have become a citizen since you came to this country.

Health: You don’t need to be a super-athlete, but you must be medically fit, with no serious medical conditions.

Academic skills: You must be able to show us that you are achieving at school and have a strong academic performance and achievement record. You will need learn the language of your host Country as best you can – take on extra lessons, as the better you can communicate, the easier your path will be.

Financials: There are costs in the region of NZ$15,000-$NZ17,000 which you must to pay.

Commitment: You must be willing to accept the rules of the host country, accept host parent controls, and abide by the Rotary Youth Exchange rules. This means no drugs, driving, drinking, or dating during your exchange year.

Adaptability: To get the best out of the year, you will need to be adaptable and will be comfortable living with up to four different host families during your year overseas.