How can our Rotary Club be involved?

Nominating a student

The Rotary Club as nominator is more a member role than a club role.  Anyone can nominate a student whom fits the criteria as a RYE student.  This is a very fulfilling time that spans nearly two years.

Help your nominee apply

Firstly, invite them (and their family) along to a meeting or two.

Assist them with the filling in the application forms. Download an initial application form and help the student to submit it to the committee. Then follow through to help them fill out the full application form.

Keep in touch during the whole process

Be part of the selection and ‘adopt’ your student. Selection is in May and you are welcome to come along and be fully involved in your nominated person’s exchange programme from the start.

Assist them to be ready to board the plane in January and be in touch with them regularly while they are away.

When the student returns, invite them back to talk about their experiences and listen to how they have grown during their time away.