What does it mean to be a host family?

What does it mean to be a host family?

Our programme relies on families offering their own homes for students during their exchange year.

If you are one of those families, thank you for agreeing to host a student for the Rotary Youth Exchange programme. Welcome to host parents who have done this before and a special welcome for all new host parents.

The make-up of the host family is not limited by the ages of those living in the house, or by the number of people living there. The idea is for the student to experience something different to what they are used to.  So whether or not a household has children or not should not matter, an older couple can replicate the parent/grandparent roles they enjoy at home and provide some security.  Non-Rotarian families can also be involved and host students, in some instances parents of returned NZ students welcome a hosting role. The variety of different environments over the year by staying with 3-4 different host families, will best achieve the experience we intend for our RYE Exchange students.

And remember … everyone can benefit from hosting … not just the student!