What does it mean to be a host family?

Relevant forms and information

There are a number of forms that you will need to read an complete. These are in Microsoft Word and PDF format and are all available on the Forms page of this site.

The most important documentation for you as a host parent is contained in the Host Information Pack.  You must read an complete all of the relevant information and forms.

As part of the requirement all host families should attend a host family training session organized by the District RYE committee. Check the calendar from the next session.


Here is a useful host family checklist for you to work through …

Action To be completed by Send completed form to:
Host family police vetting forms Each host parent plus any person 18 yrs or over residing in the home RYE chair
Host family youth volunteer application One each for host mother and host father RYE liaison
Host family application form One per host family RYE liaison
Attend a RYE briefing meeting with counsellor and host parents Counsellor Facilitated by RYE liaison or RYE chair
Enter student’s compulsory dates in your diary Host family N/a
Complete first night questionnaire with student Student and host family N/a
Raise travel approval form as required Student Counsellor and district chair as required
Complete student change of address on moving to next host family Student RYE liaison or RYE chair
Travel rules For info



Rotary International has a good 18 page document you may like to look at as well. 749en.pdf