What does it mean to be a host family?

How will I be supported?

What if I have problems during the year? Who do I tell?

Rotary Youth Exchange team provides you with all the support you need.  The students know the rules and the consequences, but if you encounter problems, just give us a call and we will deal with any situation that may arise.  To us, the host parents are the key to the success of the programme and we need to make sure you are happy.  It doesn’t matter whether the issue is large or small, just get in touch. We will be in regular contact throughout the year, so if you share your concerns with us, we can help.

Will I get financial help?

Not usually, no. We rely on you to take the student in as a guest and include them as an additional family member. Financial support from the Rotary Club is discretionary though, so some clubs may be able to help out. If you still want to host a student but cost may be an issue for you, talk to you club committee and they may be able to help out.

Support by club members for events, outings, fundraisers, and meals can lessen the burden on the host families and provide a more intimate exchange of cultural and social behaviour across the membership.

Most students readily involve themselves with school activities and sport and can become relatively independent.  Remember that not everything has to be a paid activity – even the most simple, mundane activity can be a great new experience for these young people.